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Pet Bereavement Counselling

It can be an extremely painful and challenging event to lose a pet. The love and companionship of a pet may have once made life feel quite full. Despair and even sadness can be debilitating feelings. When the choice has been made to put a beloved pet to sleep, there may also be a tremendous sense of guilt and self-doubt. These emotions are normal and a reflection of the unique relationship you share with your pet. Unfortunately, not everyone can relate to this pain, making it an extremely solitary and lonely experience. When we lose our beloved pets it can be crippling. Grief, regardless of who we have lost, be it human or animal is the same. I use talking therapy to help you come to terms with your loss, to help you grieve and to help you process your feelings.

Price: £40 per session or 6 sessions for £200.

£40.00 per session

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